2018 Phoenix Red Dress Run Registration is now open!!!!


We meet every Monday, some Tuesdays, Wednesday, some Thursdays, most Saturdays, Full Moons, one Sunday per month, and other special days. All levels of runners and walkers are encouraged. You must be 21 years of age to hash with this group.  If you are under 21 years of age or want a hash that you can do with your children, please visit the Zonie HHH page to find out when they hash.

How do you sign up?  YOU DON’T!  Just show up!
Look at the BIG ASS CALENDAR, see a day that works
for you and come!  That’s it! 

Get some exercise and have a great time doing it. Bring your dog (sometimes)! Or cat (never)! We run, (between bars mostly), drink and generally have a silly time. If you are a hasher and want to hare a trail, contact the Hare Raiser for that particular hash.

Info on hashing:  If you’ve never heard of us before, we are the people who put the “run” in drunk. We are a drinking club with a running problem. We are the ones who pass out beer at the 24th mile of marathons and yes, that was us you saw on TV having a great time and doing something silly. We drink, we run, it’s fun.

Hashers are a loosely organized (disorganized) group of half-minds who get together to run, drink, enjoy irreverence and have a good time.  (Read more…)

We hash often so check out the BIG ASS CALENDAR to find out the when and where! Learn more about how hashing started, who we are and what we do by clicking here!

If you have any questions that the site doesn’t answer, or want to talk to one of us, click on contact us, send an email to webgeek@phoenixhhh.org for more info!

Looking for the Happi Coat order page?  Look no further!  CLICK!

Looking for the Hash Mug order page?  Look no further!  CLICK!

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